Surfing the net secure and Safe Finder

by admin

Basically, what happens to a Mac PC is that the user is redirected to or, which is not secure. So, rather than seeing your usual homepage, you will be sent to this annoying page with ads. In addition, when you type in any address and surf, you are also redirected to

Once the affected user enters something in the search bar, they are sent to a seemingly secure Yahoo! search engine. It is a usual trick of such adware and malware hackers who use usual search engines to trick users. Thus, the unsuspicious victims see nothing serious in this and make everyone believe that Safe Finder is not that dangerous.

What is actually the Safe Finder?

It may be a source of problems for users since it brings an app full of ads like SystemNotes 1.0 or AddUpgrade 1.0. This app is described as a potentially undesired one with a well-recognizable blue or green icon and a magnifying glass. Once your Mac has been infected with it, you get a lot of ads.

Also, this app can copy any private data such as telephone numbers, addresses, credit card information and others. The cybercriminals gather all your data for their use.

How to delete the Safe Finder Virus and secure your PC while surfing

To get rid of this virus and be secured, open the Go menu on your Mac, choose the section Utilities and press the button. Then go to “Activity Monitor,” and then double-click on it.

Now look up any suspicious process in the Monitor section. You should remember: the name of the file might be quite different from the virus and even not connected with the Safe Finder at all.  When you find the evil file, click on it to stop the process.

When asked if there is desire to stop the process, choose Force Quit.

Then, please choose the “Go” menu in the Finder – Go to Folder.

Type in the following phrase in the Finder: /Library/LaunchAgents in the folder search dialog.

Look through the folder of LaunchAgents and see if there are any suspicious files in there. If you happen to see this: //com.ExpertModuleSearch.plist//, delete it right away.

As an example, you can see that such entries as com.pcv.hlpramc.plist, com.updater.mcy.plist, com.avickUpd.plist, and com.msp.agent.plist can be Launch Agents of Safe Finder, which infect your Mac computer.

When you detect any files that should not be on your list, do not hesitate to drag them to the trash bin.