Is the ZeuS virus a real threat?

by admin

This  virus is one of the most famous viruses in history. In two years Zbot (it’s another name) became an important milestone in the history of cybersecurity. Having infected over 3.6 million computers in 2009, it compromised over 74,000 FTP accounts on important networks such as NASA, ABC, Oracle, Cisco, Amazon, and Bank of America. It also managed to steal and block information at the US Department of Transportation, as well as other government agencies. Its influence was extremely negative, and measures to combat it were quite tough and complex. At the moment, ZeuS is not a threat anymore due to the fact that it was deactivated in 2016.

However, some users run into “alerts” that it “has been discovered by Windows”. After that the pop-up page suggests calling the team of support represe to get rid of bad programming.

What is the ZeuS virus

ZeuS was one of the first viruses – it infected using phishing or “back-loading” techniques. Basically, software designed to infect Mac or Windows systems got to computers through voluntary, but inadvertent downloads, through infected pop-ups or email attachments. After it infected the computer, this trojan, depending on its variant, acted in various ways. In general, ZeuS is known for stealing registration data, passwords, and other confidential information using various techniques: keylogging, intercepting forms with data, or sometimes encryption.

Why the Zeus virus popup appears?

Windows Defender Alert: Zeus Virus is a scam warning you may notice on a random website that you visit unintentionally. The reports say that Mac was infected with the dangerous ZeuS trojan and asks the victim to fix it through the technical support team that it offers. The message looks authentic and scary because it claims that your own data can be affected . Cybercriminals use the name of Zeus Trojan in it’s alert pop-up window to easily create panic and make you follow instructions provided through a team of face Microsoft representatives. What’s funny is that even Mac users can run into such alerts, when it’s impossible for Windows to “detect” anything bad or good if you are using Mac. Their sole purpose is to get you to start paying for for useless services. The phone number which belongs to intruders changes from time to time, so it’s really hard to track them. The other side of telephone assistance is a cybercriminal who asks you to make changes to the settings. They disable security settings so that many other bad programs can enter your Mac secretly.