How to remove Search Encrypt?

by admin

Such an offer of infinite privacy online is just a hoax. The app Search Encrypt is not safe at all. It is just another hijacker and malware which utilizes advertisements to get money from Mac users.

Search Encrypt is referred to as an undesired app which advertises various products through the browser. When it installs itself onto your Mac PC, it alters the settings, and you will not even know about it. It changes the homepage to

The customer agreement promises that the new search engine doesn’t record the history of browsing but it is a lie. Terms of Service are not filled out correctly on the website, which is really suspicious. This virus gathers private information for marketing as well as tracks all activity online.

Hijacker browsers are not as dangerous to your computer as other malware. However, some security risks arise. Search Encrypt malware affects your browsing in a bad way. Danger comes from tracking your activity online and collecting private and sensitive information and then sending it to others.

Uninstall the virus from your Mac

How can this virus get onto your Mac computer? There are many ways. One of them is that you add it yourself on the Chrome Web Store.

Sometimes it gets unnoticed or encrypted, without anyone’s will when it is downloaded with other programs.

If you wish to get rid of the malware, follow these simple steps.

First of all, you should never click on pop-ups or ads as well as links in emails from strangers as they may contain dangerous links leading to criminals.

Never download any apps from suspicious websites, especially if they come with their own download manager.

Update the MacOS and any software that is installed on your PC.

Install a good antivirus to safeguard yourself against online threats and remove malware in real time.

If you want to remove this encrypt virus instantly, follow these guidelines:

There is a very handy program for your Mac PC, CleanMyMac X, that deletes any extensions. This you can remove Search Encrypt removal fast. With the help of this program, you can get rid of undesired extensions very quickly.

Follow the steps to remove it:

Install CleanMyMac X.

Choose Extensions in the sidebar.

Then select the browser in the left panel.

Pick the checkbox of Search Encrypt malware extension.

In the end, just delete it forever and it will be removed.